Hello, here's a little bit about me.

Design thinking is a lifestyle. From the moment you wake up in the morning and go about your day, to setting the alarm before you go to sleep you are interacting with hundreds of products. My responsibility as an industrial designer is to explore and identify underconsidered problems and convert them into fresh designs that lead the market.
So, what's so great about this designer ?
I love working with people that have a passion for executing their product ideas into the marketplace. Clients/companies with a strong product development business plan need a solid design strategy that complements the end-goal that will create a return on their investment. I will help identify a new wave of opportunity in the market that is fresh, disruptive, and timeless by listening to real end-user insights, feedback, and responses that translate into tangible and exciting design opportunities. 
Bringing ideas to life is my passion. Good design is intuitive, innovative, experiential, aesthetic, and collaborative.

My Capabilities:
Preliminary Market Research
Idea Brainstorming
Rapid Hand Sketch Brainstorming
Mood Boarding
Sketch Refinement (Digital + Pen, Marker)
Color, Material, Fit & Finish Studies
Design for Manufacturing
Working Knowledge of Manufacturing Processes in: Injection Molding, Blow-Molding, Roto-Molding, Overmolding, Metal Stamping, Die Casting, Rubber / Silicone molding, etc, and more to come.
3D Modeling with dynamic Class A Surfacing Techniques
Rough Mock Up physical models for concept proof of form & function.
Preliminary Mechanical and Manufacturing Knowledge
Prototype sourcing from local & oversea vendors

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